For 28 years I have struggled to change the direction of my practice. Meaning, I knew things were broken but did not have a systematic plan of correction or repair. The Masters Club has given me concrete tools on how to correct problems; therefore my stress, frustration and loss of income is now under total control. Thank you Jimmy! Love you man!


Prior to Masters Club, I worked in my business day to day and only thought about working on my business. The Masters Club has given me simple steps that have allowed me to systemize several areas in my office, promoting more efficiency and productivity. I now make time to work on my business, knowing how important this is for growth and ability to move to Phase 2.


Dr. Gatza’s seminars and training are always full of no-nonsense, common-sense information. I leave feeling invigorated, excited and ready to implement these structures. We often forget how to simply speak to people, ask questions, and do what we know we need to do. Dr. Gatza is extremely knowledgeable, believable, funny and encouraging. I recommend Masters club to anyone looking to expand his/her business. There’s no way you can’t benefit and grow!


We have been doing great using the teachings of the Masters Club. We hit a bump in the road after losing our Case Manager of five years. We had her trained by the Masters Case Manager Training and in the first 30 days she did $132,000 in sales. However, things kind of went of the tracks. Dr. Gatza did a phone call with me and made me realize that one Masters club and one Sales Training does not make a Case Manager and that I needed to drill and manage them so I don’t have to do the doingness of the post. The stats went back up immediately and we generated $112,000 in the next two weeks, JUST from this phone call!!!


Joining the Masters Club has give me the training in business ownership I’ve craved. I realize how I have been operating on a wind and a prayer, hope and love. It’s practical and results proven. Dr. Gatza’s delivery is fun, understandable, honest and all for the purpose of helping us advance ourselves and our practices. Thank you Drs. Jimmy and Julie!