I have been coming to Masters for training for 2 1⁄2 years. I have
always been hesitant doing the drills and always felt a bit
uncomfortable. But, after doing many, many times now, this training
was the first time I got it. I FELT LIKE A LIGHTBULB TURNED
ON and I finally understood the purpose of it, and I now feel totally
comfortable with it!!

DR. D. R.

Since the last Case Manager training in April our close rate for Stem
Cell report of findings has increased from 55% to 75%!, AND IT’S
CONTINUING TO RISE as we refine and practice the tools we
Thanks Masters Club!!!!


Since the last Agenda, our Office Manager has taken key Masters
Club concepts and implemented them. Because of this, we have had
the last 2 months of growth, in most stats, ESPECIALLY GROSS

DR. R. G

This is my first seminar of Dr. Gatza’s that I’m attending and it has been incredibly enlightening. I look forward to coming to many more. Thank you so much, Dr. Jimmy. You are an engaging and charismatic guy!


After attending my first Masters Training in Nashville, 2018, my sales
increased EXPONENTIALLY. I went from doing around $120,000
per month in stem cells to $290,000 the following month. That’s
$170,000 increase in ONE MONTH. The 2 weeks following the
training we collected $95,000 and then $95,000 again, our highest evers
by a mile. Staying on the Same Message and using Masters Training
made all the difference in our clinic. Thank you!!!