DR. J. H.

It’s always such a boost to our staff’s confidence, production and
morale when we attend Masters Club. You give my staff the tools they
need to do their jobs better. My Staff in ON FIRE after this weekend
and we will at least 2X our practice now!! Thanks Dr. G.

DR. P.

My Executive Director is pretty much Phase 2!!
Two more clinics to be opened next year. I expect the two Office
Managers we have to each open another. That’s 8 clinics projected
over the next few years. STRONG ORG BOARD!


Lots of practice integration programs and management companies
tell you what you should do.
Masters Club is different. Dr. Gatza give you the structure and tools to
actually do it well, so YOU WIN AS BIG AS YOU DESERVE!!!

DR. J.P.

We wouldn’t have been able to build the org we have without a
system. Masters Club was the perfect tool to take me out of the
equation. Thank you for training my people!


Since attending my first Masters training in Nashville, my close rate
increased by 27% and Gross Income increased GREATLY!!!