Staff: E. L. – Case Manager

I have been coming to Masters for training for 2 ½ years. I have always been hesitant doing the drills and always felt a bit uncomfortable. But, after doing many, many times now, this training was the first time I got it. I FELT LIKE A LIGHTBULB TURNED ON and I finally understood the purpose of it, and I now feel totally comfortable with it!!

Staff: C. B. – Case Manager

Since attending my first Masters training in Nashville, my close rate increased by 27% and Gross Income increased GREATLY!!!

Dr. J. H.

It’s always such a boost to our staff’s confidence, production and morale when we attend Masters Club. You give my staff the tools they need to do their jobs better. My Staff in ON FIRE after this weekend and we will at least 2X our practice now!! Thanks Dr. G.

Dr. J. S.

I brought my Doc to the Case Manager training. Just being in the room really opened his eyes to how important the message is to our patients. We were able to show him how coming from a place of caring and making people realize they have a problem is his job so they DO TAKE ACTION AND GET CARE! Because if they don’t, they will end up in surgery, and that outcome SUCKS!

Dr. K.S.

We lost our great case manager ☹.This is never good, and normally this would have been a catastrophe. We hired a new one, brought her to Masters Training and Boom! We hit our goal this month. And it was HIGHEST EVER at $376,800 gross. We also dropped overhead to 59% so more pure profit!! ROCK ON!!! Thank you Dr. Gatza, as always, for all your help and guidance. We have gotten this far because of you!!