After the Case Manager training in Nashville, our Case Managers came back and collected $125,000 the first week and closed more patients than our office ever has in one week. The following week they collected $100,000. Not only did it sharpen their ability to collect up front, but they also improved their ability to close patents that would have previously left without care. I would highly recommend sending bot new and experienced Case Managers to the training.


The Masters Club has become vital for our office. It has changed the way we are able to run our office, allowing us to care for patients more effectively. From our Case Manager learning the skills to improve her close rate from 50% to 90%, our PRCA leaning communication skills to improve her new patient rate by 50% to the Executive/Owner mastering the Be, Do Have to reduce overhead by 40% and increase GI and surpassing annual goals MID YEAR. The other members I have met have become mentors, friends and family. I know that If I have a problem or a question, help is just a text or call away. Thank you, Dr. Jimmy and Dr. Julie for changing our lives. We love this group!!!


Dr. Gatza has made an amazing thing happen. He has taken the material and focused in on the data or information that was missing. This allows full understanding and ability to use the data. In this lecture, he has brought his personal experience with the ups and downs of running a healthcare office. You know as he stands in front of you and delivers the material that he has hit speed bups in practice and uses the material he presents to capitalize. Since Dr. Gatza has taken over, our office has turned all stats to Normal or Affluence, hired better, more willing staff and paid off over 90K in debt! Thank you, Dr. Gatza!


Last time we were here the clinic was sitting at $173,000 in gross income. We took the DEI Scale and applied it to Case Management and this past month we closed April, 2018 at $324,000! Through implementation of the DEI Scale we were able to get and close more new patients!


Our office struggled in January. Our seminars were not producing and I was not closing. Late in January, our Office Manager brought back the Masters Club training and spent an hour with our seminar speaker and myself. We then went on to collect $198K in stem cells that month and set office records in closes/day /week/month. Last week we had 31 closes! Thank you guys for the great material!