Dr. James W. Gatza

Professional Summary

An accomplished and energetic business executive with a seasoned and practical knowledge of management, sales, executive and professional specialties. Being the owner of various businesses over the last 28 years, Dr. Gatza knows what it takes to turn an idea or dream into an actuality. Developing a team to accomplish this is the cornerstone of his success. Areas of expertise include Chiropractic & Holistic Medical Integration, Business Management, Sales & Marketing, Lecturing & Presenting, Leadership and Development, Guns, Sports Retail and Franchising.


  • Communication, Sales & Marketing
  • Dynamic Lecturer & Presenter
  • Writing and Developing of Promotional Campaigns
  • Science & Specialized Knowledge in Functional Medicine and Chronic Disease
  • Specialized Knowledge in Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell, Cord Blood, Exosome and Amniotic Tissue Transplanting
  • Critical Thinking, Judgment & Decision Making
  • Teaching/Consulting Business Management to Doctors
  • Teaching Doctors how to address patients with Chronic Disease
  • Class 1 & Class 3 Firearm Dealership, and upgrade modifications.
  • Sports Store Merchandising, Retail, Resale, and Franchising.


Doctor of Chiropractic: Chiropractic and Holistic Healing         December 1989

National College of Chiropractic                                                               Lombard, IL

Bachelor of Science: Human Biology                                               December 1989

National College of Chiropractic                                                                Lombard, IL

Pre-Med                                                                                             September 1986

University of Nevada Las Vegas                                                             Las Vegas, NV

            Pre-Med                                                                                             September 1982

University of Michigan-Flint


  • Author of, “The End of Health Roulette”, Self-Published Book describing the

“5 Keys to Health”, which are the 5 things every person needs to do to be healthy: 2004


  • Won the prestigious WISE “Model of Admin Know-How Award” 7 years in a row. This award is given for excellence in management and the implantation of business principles for maximal stability and expansion.
  • Full Scholarship to UNLV in athletics/tennis, while pre-med.
  • Student Athlete Award, 1984 & 1985 – Was awarded the Most Outstanding Student Athlete at UNLV with a grade-point average of 4.0. Highest GPA in the country for any scholarship athlete.


  • Founder & Clinic Director, Regen-Age, LLC: 2015-Present
  • Founder & Clinic Director, Florida Wellness Institute, LLC: 2000-Present
  • Chief Doctor, Florida Wellness Institute, LLC: 2000-Present
  • Owner, Masters Club, Inc.: 2016-Present
  • Founder & Owner, Functional Medicine of America, LLC: 2015-Present
  • My ROI Marketing Systems, LLC: 2018-Present
  • Vitality Centers of America, LLC: 2018-Present
  • Medical Vendor Solutions, LLC: 2018-Present
  • Strategic Vendor Solutions, LLC: 2018-Present
  • Owner, Steal Guns, Inc.: 2013-Present
  • Co-owner, 2nd Time Sports, Inc. & 2nd Time Sports Franchising, Inc.: 2015-2017
  • Founder & Creative Director, Precision Nutrients, Inc.: 2004-Present
  • Co-owner, Summit Business management, Inc.: 2002-2004
  • Founder & Creator of Total Shake Detoxification Shake. 2004
  • Founder & Business Consultant, Real Solutions, Inc.: 1997-2002
  • Co-Founder and Owner, Gatza Chiropractic Arts, Inc.: 1990-1999


Professional History

Regen-Age, LLC

Clearwater, FL & St. Petersburg, FL

Founder & Clinic Director

  • Cutting Edge technology with Stem Cell therapy, Amniotic Matrix Injections for joint pain, spine pain and neuropathy, Umbilical Injectables and PRP for various clinical uses, including cosmetic & anti-aging therapies, Men’s & Women’s Sexual Wellness programs with BHRT, proprietary IV Nutrition Programs, PRP & Stem Cell therapies for ED, and Stem Cell and IV Nutrition wellness programs which together address chronic pain and chronic disease.

Florida Wellness Institute, LLC (Gatza Chiropractic Arts, Inc.)

Clearwater, FL

Founder, Clinic Director, & Chief Doctor

  • Cutting Edge Holistic, non-invasive, drug & surgery free technology which addresses chronic pain and disease, with success never achieved before.
  • Developed and implemented tried and true methods on food allergies, body toxicity, food testing & nutritional troubleshooting.
  • Further developed and improved never before available, innovative and life changing programs that address chronic diseases such as Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, High Blood Pressure, Lupus, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, and more.
  • Created a natural healing center focused on drugless, surgery free healing with the emphasis on good source and value, nutritional importance, maximized nerve function and body chemistry optimization.
  • Created & managed all operations, including promotion & marketing, new patient procurement, diagnosis, clinical treatments and sales & marketing.
  • Developed promotional campaigns including the presentation of lectures, new patient workshops and health screenings to bring in an abundance of new patients.
  • Developed community educational programs to enlighten our public on the benefits of natural healing and drug free/surgery free healing.
  • Maintained a natural healing message, helping people understand the vital role of food vs. “un-food” as primary source of disease in America.
  • Created staff training manuals and team hatting programs for the new staff and continued training programs to increase productivity.

Masters Club, Inc.

Clearwater, FL

            Owner, Keynote Speaker

  • Created a breakthrough consulting method, which is a combination of Sales, Marketing, Management and Executive as it relates to Chiropractic and Integrated Medical Practices.
  • Consults Doctors on how to expand their regenerative medicine, anti-aging and stem cell practices.
  • Consults Doctors on how to rapidly grow and manage their clinics to maximize profit for the business and results with patients.
  • Consults Doctors on how to comfortably manage and train staff members to create a reduced stress and smooth running clinic.
  • Consults Doctors on how to become an efficient and powerful executive with the purpose to free any doctor to work as much or as little in his or her practices, and to expand into as many practices as they would like to create.
  • Performs weekend long seminar programs to large groups of doctors and their staff.


Functional Medicine of America

Clearwater, FL

            Founder & Owner

  • Developed a turnkey program for doctors to implement into their clinics so they can address patients with chronic diseases without the overwhelm that often accompanies this style of practice.
  • Developed a proprietary IV Nutrition program into a simple handbook that all doctors can easily learn and implement.
  • Fine-tuned the Integrated Chiro/Medical Model for maximal success.


My ROI Marketing Systems, LLC

Chicago, IL

            Partner & Senior Vice President Sales


Vitality Centers of America, LLC

Chicago, IL

            Partner & Senior Vice President Sales


Medical Vendor Solutions, LLC

Clearwater, FL

            Co-Founder and CEO


Strategic Vendor Solutions, LLC

Clearwater, FL

            Co-Founder and CEO


Precision Nutrients

Clearwater, FL

            Founder & CEO

  • Created a new company to teach the public how to properly test for individual food sensitivities and how to determine the correct nutritional supplementation for themselves and their family members.
  • In the early 90’s, performed some of the first work on the concept that food reactions were the key to causing disease in our culture. This work led to the realization of the overall degradation of good, its mineral and vitamin content, the destruction of our growing methods and how food is the key to creating health in a diseased America.
  • Developed a nutrient supplement line based on the 15 nutrients proven needed by 95% of 15,000 trial patients.
  • Developed the Total Shake detoxification and meal replacement shake and made it available to the public. Currently sold through Florida Wellness Institute and all Functional Medicine Clients’ clinics.
  • Developed Cal-Mag Tea, a formula for relaxation, muscle health and better sleep.
  • Developed an all-natural and organic Sleep Formula that helps even the most sleep challenged person get a good night sleep and be energized upon waking up.


2nd Time Sports, Inc. and 2nd Time Sports Franchising, Inc.

Clearwater, FL


  • Created & developed an innovative e-commerce network, bringing new and used sporting goods sales to a national level, while integrating it with all franchise stores for seamless sales and inventory control across the network.
  • Handles all legal, banking, contracts, and franchising operational activities.

Steal Guns, LLC / Gun-Bids.com

Clearwater, FL

            Founder & Owner

  • Created a new and used firearm business, bringing customization and professionalism to gun upgrading.
  • Class 1 FFL dealing in all firearms and ammunition.
  • Class 3 License dealing in all NFA items, including Suppressors/Silencers, Short Barrel Rifles, Short Barrel Shotguns and Fully Automatic Weapons.

Summit Business Management, LLC

Clearwater, FL

Executive Director, Chief lecturer and Presenter


  • Created consulting programs for small businesses and professionals to increase their sales and profitability, stability, organization & management and executive skills.
  • Responsible for development and delivery of a 7 part series of seminars to doctors, dentists, chiropractors and other business owners on the keys to communication and sales, organization & management, promotion and marketing and how to lead a team.
  • Directly responsible for sales and income flow.
  • Co-Lead Consultant

Real Solutions, Inc.

Schaumburg, IL

            Creator & Executive Director

  • Created consulting programs for small businesses and professionals to increase their sales and profitability, stability, organization & management and executive skills.
  • Developed a course-room for business people to hone in their skills in the above areas so as to maximize their duplication, implementation and effectiveness of the tools they learned.
  • Directly responsible for all promotion & marketing for new client procurement.
  • Course Room Supervisor