Agenda 1

Agenda 1 instills in the Owner the confidence and know-how to create an organized, thriving & prosperous clinic where the Staff are fully responsible for all areas of operation and can expand it without constant oversight by the Owner. Agenda 1 is the first step to OWNING YOUR OWN TIME. This Agenda starts you toward a lifestyle where you have the option to work as much as you want in your clinic(s), or as little. It lays the groundwork for practice expansion, multiple offices, personal purposes and whatever lifestyle you desire.

Agenda 1: For Owners and All Staff.

Here is where we lay the groundwork for maximal coordination and expansion while setting up the key systems necessary for owners to be completely free from their practice, either to open more clinics, run their clinics from afar, or move onto an entirely new purpose. In this Agenda we align your goals and purposes with policy and plans to achieve your Ideal Scene and make you proud of your Valuable Final Product.

  • Get the tools for maximal efficiency from each staff
  • Focus each staff member on their specific goal that contributes to the overall goal of the group
  • Align each staff individually and as a group toward those goals so each person is achieving not only their own goal but understands how it is vital to the achievement of everyone else’s
  • Organize each staff member for maximal productivity, minimal expense and waste, and overall clinic profit
  • Learn how to create a stable Phase II* Clinic

*Phase II: An Owner who has staff, including the doctors, doing the work, instead of the owner doing all the work.

Agenda 2

Agenda 2 creates an energized, happy and productive group, who love their jobs and are aligned in making sure that patients pay for and receive all the care they need. This ensures that every patient achieves their goal of excellent health and the clinic achieves its financial goals.

Agenda 2: For Owners, Case Managers, PRCA (Public Relations Clinical Assistant), Office Managers, Doctors and Front Desk.

The secret to maximal profit and expansion starts with communication. Agenda 2 is focused on creating group excellence that will maximize your ability in sales, collections, long term care and patient compliance.

  • The KEY POINT that must be addressed to get all patients to pay
  • Professional and effective case management
  • How to become expert at cash sales and handling any type of patient
  • How to align your entire staff to create a professional sales machine
  • Each staff will achieve a vastly improved ability to communicate and understand patients, and why they say yes to you, or no
  • Significant improvement in the ability to close patients on the correct treatment plan
  • How to increase the percentage of cash patients
  • How to get patients to follow their entire treatment program

Agenda 3

Agenda 3 is everyone’s favorite Agenda. Here, every staff member gains an advanced understanding of what makes patients tick, and how to use this knowledge for the good of the patient and the good of the clinic. These are the keys for maximal expansion and profitability, which in simple terms translates into how to make a massive amount of money.

Agenda 3: For Owners and mandatory for all Staff Members.

This Agenda takes Sales Mastery to a new level. You will learn what makes each person so complex and different. Once this is known you will understand WHY patients do everything they do, and handling them becomes simple for you.

  • Advanced techniques that take you from being a good salesperson to a wizard
  • How to predict exactly what your patients are going to do before they do it
  • How to uncover the type of patient you don’t want to sell and who will ruin your clinic
  • You will learn the reactive scale of selling and how to overcome not only your patients stops and barriers, but your own.

Agenda 4

Agenda 4 makes each staff member causative at their post, while cementing in them their role as part of the overall group. This creates an environment where everyone is working together to create happy, healthy patients and a profitable, prosperous clinic. Additionally, this Agenda focuses on Executive skills that position the owner for optimal control over their clinic(s) and opens the door for new enterprises or ventures. With Agenda 4 mastered, each owner moves into the coveted position of OWNING THEIR OWN TIME and are free to do as much in their practice(s) as they want or expand into other areas or purposes of their choosing.

Agenda 4: Key for Owners and all staff.

The key to the success of any organization is having a system in place where every staff member is fully responsible and accountable for their part in the group. This Agenda emphasizes Exectutive Command and the precise tools needed to make each staff member causative and in total control of their post and its contribution to the overall productivity and success of the group.

  • Individual staff responsibility
  • Why being fully trained on their post is their responsibility as much as it yours
  • Getting each staff member to face their duties without flinching or avoiding
  • Make a complex organization into a simple profitable stress-free machine
  • How to set weekly goals, achieve them, evaluate them and form a precise plan to exceed them the following week